Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition

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The Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition is a group of organizations working together to conserve, protect and restore Florida’s coastal and marine environment. The Coalition emphasizes the implementation of an ecosystem-based approach to coastal and ocean management, as well as recognition of the important linkage between the health of Florida’s economy and the health of its beaches and dunes, coral reefs, mangroves, sea grasses, wetlands and other natural resources. The Coalition calls on Florida’s Governor, State Agencies, Cabinet, and Legislature for action and leadership to achieve the goal of healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems.

Mission Statement
To promote state and, when appropriate, federal action to curb unwise coastal development and protect coastal and marine habitats, implement and enforce coastal and ocean pollution laws, protect marine ecosystems, ensure robust and plentiful fisheries and marine species, reduce global warming pollution, and strengthen coastal and ocean governance in Florida.

The Coalition Steering Committee is made up of representatives of the following organizations: Conservancy of Southwest Florida, 1000 Friends of Florida, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.